ICT Steering Commitee

Jawatankuasa Pemandu ICT (JPICT)


UMPSA’s ICT Council was established in 2002 to develop ICT as a whole.

In 2010, UMPSA’s ICT Council has made a few revisions where some of the council’s main functions have been improved, in line with the improvements on ICT management made by MAMPU in 2009 with the establishment of a steering committee known as the ICT Steering Committee and the ICT Technology Committee.

In 2015, the rebranding of the ICT Council to JPICT is an effort to strengthen the committee’s governance in determining the university’s ICT policies as well as to monitor, coordinate and assess ICT projects.

Apart from that, JPICT is also responsible in setting and formulating ICT security including endorsing policies, rules, guidelines and manuals to ensure compliance to circulars as well as government directives.

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JPICT is a committee formed to strengthen the operation and implementation of ICT in UMPSA in terms of coordinating applications and procurements of ICT projects, formulate ICT policies based on the ICT Strategic Plan.

JPICT is formed to be fully report on the matters pertaining to the management and coordination of ICT to UMPSA’s University Management Committee. This committee also acts as the connector and rapporteur to JPICT and JTICT for the Ministry of Higher Education and MAMPU for all applications and procurements that are ICT related.


Discussing  all ICT strategic management matters in line with UMPSA’s Strategic Plan


Executing ISMS certification in UMPSA and ensures the planning, development and implementation of UMPSA’s ICT infrastructure adheres to the standards of ISMS certification


Controlling any incidents and is the first level support to GCERT in handling ICT security incidents


Functions in the governance of the university’s website/ portal including the Centre of Responsibility portal. Note- Manage by Library UMPSA since 2021.